Weekends and the Mr. Grey Au Lait

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I am relieved that the holidays are over. I am enjoying the January cold and post-holiday calm and using them both as an excuse to spend weekend mornings inside reading and catching up on my favorite blogs. But, as a recent occasional instead of daily coffee drinker, this ritual didn't seem quite right without my coffee press and café au lait bowls. Still not wanting to actually drink coffee, I have concocted a tea version.

While the drink cools much faster in a bowl, it is better for dunking gluten-free bread and somehow just goes so much better with a weekend newspaper (whether online or in print) or book.

Earl Grey Au Lait

1 Earl Grey tea bag
6 oz. cashew milk or your favorite type of milk
1 Tbs. honey or 2 tsp. agave (optional)

1. Place sweetener if using and tea bag in cup while boiling water.
2. Pour about a cup of boiling water over tea bag and steap for 5 minutes, covered.
3. In small saucepan on stove, heat cashew milk on low watching constantly.
4. Remove cashew milk from heat when foam and small bubbles form on top.
5. Squeeze excess water from tea bag and remove.
6. Pour hot cashew milk into tea and stir.

Cafe au lait bowl pictured is from Anthropologie. They're not sold online but usually are in stores.

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