Monday, June 1, 2009

A city-living, veggie-loving Celiac whose stomach doesn't like grains . . . or many other things for that matter. This blog is evolving with my cooking style and philosophy which continues to become more grain-free and sugar-free.

Being diagnosed with Celiac turned out to be an amazing opportunity for me to be and eat healthier than ever. This forced me to explore a much wider range of foods than I ever did when gluten was on my menu.

I truly believe and have convinced the many that I cook for that you don't have to choose between good food, healthy choices and staying thin. If anything, healthy food should taste the best and make you look great. Ask the majority of women in Europe, the inspiration for my cooking style of fresh, healthy, beautiful food.

The majority of my recipes are designed to look pretty, be made easily in a small city kitchen, and not take too big of a chunk out of your time or budget. They're also designed to make sure that you continue to fit into your skinny jeans or that you eventually fit into them . . .I love clothes and feeling healthy too much to cook any other way.

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